Well, well, well! The first taste of the first Iron Fist EP "Kick Your Ass" is finally available on the site!! We know it has been a long wait, but the one who waits for something good....
Turn it up and blow your ear drums to the sample!
Oh yeah, you think it's good? There will be another one very soon...


Iron Fist is currently in the process of recording their first album, which will be released later this year.

Iron Fist will release the first EP for this album in March 2009.
For those who would like a pre-taste of this single, there will soon be some samples available on Iron Fist Band.com
So stay tuned!

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Hi everybody and welcome to the brand new website of a brand new band in rock n' roll! So you wonder what is happening in the woods of nowhere? Two pieces of Luxus Leverpostei and two pieces of Nobodies are about to make the best Scandinavian double-up since ABBA.
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Welcom to rock. Welcome to roll. Welcome to Iron Fist...